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Mike Herberts

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You were there at the right time, with the right song, presented in the most wonderfully "learnable" way.

You seem like such a great guy and what you've done for me and others I'm sure will stay with us forever.

I'm full of appreciation and just wanted to tell you how much you've touched my life.

John R. CA. USA


I have been playing since the age of 11 and am now almost thirty but i got stuck in a rut and stumbled across your good self on Youtube many months ago.

Since then I have passed on your site to 7 other people and they all love your teaching methods as much as me.

 You are fantastic and you helped me come up with some new material for my album i am working on.

I have picked up some excellent blues techniques and even tho I have been playing for a long time it never hurts to go back to basics and I am truly grateful for the help I have found your videos so far.

Laura S.

Hi Mike,
Thank you for your help and patience, I was able to download all the videos and am delighted.
I have enjoyed my guitar more in the past week than I have done in the past 3 years since I discovered your website.

Thank you once again and will look forward to progressing further with your excellent teaching method.
Best Regards,
Bob M. Northern Ireland.

Hi Mike,

I've only just seen your
first instructional video
and I've learned more in
20minutes than in the last
2 months.

Can you help with another
problem. I'm not little
and I'm having problems
with conventional F chords.
are there any alternatives?

Hi Mike,
I  feel I must congratulate you on your superb choice of tunes for us novices to have a go at. They seem to fit the part perfectly not to difficult and sound good to  me even on my first attempts, although I've a long way to go to play them properly.

Having tried a few tutorial  sites on the internet over the past 12 months yours is the best byfar. Your short freebies (a bit of spanish, vestapol etc.) you send out are great motivators and at 72 years of age I need all the motification I can get. But I do really enjoy trying to play the guitar, and it beats watching some of the rubbish on TV.

I hope your side of your business prooves profitable you deserve it and I wish you the best of luck for the future.
Many thanks,
Ken Harrison
Dear Mike,

Just wanted to thank you for all the great e-mails with songs to try! I am really enjoying the guitar and so is my family, listening to me play. I have a long way to go yet but i'll keep plugging along.

I have blackbird down and also tears in heaven, although it's still rough ;-)  I am still working on never going back again....I love that song and I will someday get it...but like you said the timing is really tough, I'll keep working on it!!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your help in my playing, your videos are just great!
Dear Mike,

    I am a 63 year old man who has had 3 rounds , 2 heart attacks, triple bypass
surgery and my last great adventure was lyarnx cancer I have licked all 3 of
them the only thing that I have left now is a feeding tube in my stomache , that
is where the guitar sits.

I just wanted to tell you I have learned more just by
watching your free videos then I could learn out of any books I could of had.
Always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but I couldnt afford it so I
found a real deal on an electric guitar and I bought it is not the best but it
serves its purpose although I am on limited income thanks to you I have learned
a little bit and I am getting there slow but sure.

When the feeding tube comes out I will be able to play more often.. Thanks for the videos they have been
very helpful. All the videos that I have looked at on the web your videos are
the best.. My fingers do hurt but I enjoy learning. Thanks for the videos.

Ed Sharon, PA USA
Hi Mike

Just like to say your videos are great.

I've only been playing guitar for 5 months and was getting nowhere until I found your web site.

 I've down loaded the
videos and now I can actually play something!

The way you explain them step by step is so easy to follow. if I hadn't found your
site I think I would of given up. Must go now as I've just downloaded another one to learn.

Thanks once again

Mark Waterfall

I think your videos are great. Thank you so much for sending them!

I've been playing guitar for 4 years, and yet, I know barely anything.

I  have a years worth of REAL experience. You've taught me more things in this year than I have learnt in the past 3 years.

Again, thank you, so much.


These instructional videos are fantastic.

I am 40 years old, I regretted that I never learnt an instrument and decided
that this was something I wanted to do in my 41st year.

These instructional videos are fantastic and I just what I wanted to tell
you that they have given me a flying start.

Please continue with the lesson videos, but instructional videos on learning
tabs would be sensational.

I look forward to hearing more from you.


Darren Longridge


Thanks for the new pieces. They are absolutely great.

I can't believe how  much I have learned from the videos. I never thought I could actually learn
how to play the guitar!!!

I thank you for all the instruction, they have
made all the difference.

Best regards,

Hi Mike,

Just thought I would drop you a quick note...

I've been having lessons now for 4 years and slowly but surely, making progress.

I came across your website about 3 weeks ago and thought 'Oh great, another how to play guitar really quick website that says the same old, same old stuff'. Boy did I get that wrong!

I downloaded your trial Eric Clapton 'Tears In Heaven' video and was playing it end to end in about 2 hours - I was soooo happy!

I then took the plunge and purchased the Fleetwood Mac video (always loved that song!), that's taken a little longer to play fluently but I'm all over it. I ordered it Wednesday and it arrived the following Monday
- Very impressive considering I'm in Australia

Just wanted to let you know, keep up your great website!!!!!

Best Regards

Mark Rettig
Hi Mike

Just like to say thank you for the free guitar lessons.
I've just started practicing after about 10 years abstinence! Surprising how
quickly the fingers harden up after all this while. I remember when I first
started my fingers hurt for weeks.

I'm probably one of your oldest students, I am now on long term sick so this
gives me plenty of time to practice.  I have arthritis in my hands and
playing the guitar helps to keep the fingers mobile, with your help and the
resources available on the net it has made learning again much more
enjoyable and progress is much quicker.

It is always easier to learn if you can hear and see the way guitar is played and because of restricted finances any free stuff I can find is always very much appreciated.

Yours is the only free video lessons I've found so this is a great big THANK YOU for allowing people like me to share and learn whilst expecting nothing in return.

I look forward to your next lesson.

Kindest regards

(No Name Sent)
Hi Mike,

I am one of your older students, 44 years old.

Just like to thank you for
the videos and the inspiration I have got out of them, I had a 21 year break
from guitar and have learned and gained more experience over the last few months than ever before.

Many thanks once again,

Graham Leadbetter

Near Glasgow, Scotland
Hiya Mike,

Site looks great !!!!

 Gotta tell ya, I have been playing for a number of
years, and my daughter recently wanted to start.  Well, it was just after
she took up learning that I happened across your site. 

What I really like
about it is I can sit her down to follow your lead and she is learning
quickly.  Coupled with that, I have found the site an inspiration and have
improved my playing significantly .. you must be an inspiration !!!!

Thanks for a great idea and I hope the site continues to grow

John -- Canada
Dear Mike,

The lessons are going great, I really really enjoy what you are doing for not just me but the world, and to me thats a really big thing ...when you can do something for the whole world at one time.

I'm not a beginner at all and yet I still find your lessons very pleasant and at many
times very insightful, take that from a veteran of 18 years playing guitar.

To you I salute you sir keep it up!!!

Kevin Bishop

I thought I’d take the
opportunity to drop you a quick email and say . . .
Thank You!

For your generosity firstly, the videos you have
produced and made available for free download are fantastic.

I hadn’t played the guitar since I was at school and it was always one of those things I wanted to take up again but never did. There were always too many problems, too much expense with guitar tutors and (dare I say) too much time required for practice!

What your videos have shown is that (re)learning to
play the guitar needn’t be too difficult and can
actually be fun! (especially your comments in your
email of early February) It’s obvious that you get a
lot of enjoyment out of playing and it’s great that
the enthusiasm comes across in the videos.

Especially the beginners videos which show how great the guitar can sound with 4 basic chords and some well practiced

I understand you are running a business but I have to say you have a great way of attracting customers! I shall certainly be investing in a couple of your videos (and investing is the right word given the
quality of the teaching!), it’s just a shame I missed
out on the recent offer for ‘Layla’ and ‘Vincent’.
(That’ll teach me to go away and not check my emails!)

Anyway, I look forward to more great videos in the
future (another Spanish piece or an extension to the
existing piece would be wonderful . . . . ) and I look
forward to making the first of what I hope will be
many purchases in the future.

With best regards,

Chris Bulmer
Hi Mike,

Just a quick line to say thanks for all the hard work you've put in to make your site the best on the web.

I'm enjoying learning to play the guitar more each day,  I'm even trying to learn some of the theory and learning to read music now.
 I look forward to purchasing more great vids from you in the future.
Many thanks,
Graham Quantrill.
Hi Mike,

I would like you to know that apart from your personal talent, you have that incredible ability,
to show an intermediate player like me, something that I have searched for
20 years, how to play solo and melody simultaniously.

And you actually show how it is done in four frets, I have looked at the video twice, and I want you to know, that I have had teachers for four years and did not teach me what I have learned watching your session on my first day.

Congratulation on a great learning technique


Giuseppe De Carlo


HI Mike thanks for the lessons.

I would love to learn tab and also yes the link worked great for the other songs.

I was wondering what other songs you had available to download I would love to have some Bob Seager, Journey or Eagles to learn.

The songs that are on the site to buy are good songs but not ones that I was wanting to learn so if you have a complete list of songs I can learn I would love to have it.

I have no problem buying the lessons for these songs.

Once again let me say thanks so much for your lessons you really are a great teacher the best I have seen that is why I have no problem paying for lessons that really work.

I was blown away to see that you actually reply to the e-mails yourself that is the mark of a great teacher that cares about his students.

The lessons are easy to follow and! you go through them slow enough so we can learn.

Once again thank you so much.

Darrell Whitledge.

Chicago IL USA.

Mike Hi ya,

First thanks thanks for doing this ,I have been trying to play a
guitar for more years then I care to remember.

The blues have always held
something for me and I just want to play THE BLUES .I could never ask anybody to show me ,so I tried to learn myself .

I found out how to tune my
guitar just by watching others then I would listern to bits and parts of music and I found I could play a bit of 12 bar blues which kept me going for
years and years knowing that there is a whole lot more to be found but still cannot ask anybody how.

I dont no why but maybe its just the way Im built. I was all this time trying to play on a old classical guitar but only getting
so far ,I would drive my partner mad just play the same 12 bar riff over and over again.

Anyway I wont go on ,I'm just so pleased that I found you and
even after just a short time I have gone forward in my playing thanks to you.

.Ill stop now Im sure you have lots of things to do then just to listen  to me go on and on about my pain as a guitar player..   

Thanks again and again       Pip.45

Hey Mike, 

I wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know I really like your teaching style.

I had tried to learn the guitar a few years back, I bought a Black Beauty replica, got some books and DVD's and tried to learn that way. I had to force myself to practice 20-30 minutes a day. It didn't last long, disgusted with my progress, I sold my guitar and quit trying to learn.

I am now borrowing an acoustic from my cousin. I learned more in 5 minutes with your videos than I had in the past all together. I am still on the second lesson struggling with the strumming. I have fat stubby fingers and very short finger nails, so the strumming is kicking my butt. I think it will become easier to strum once my fingernails grow out some. I am a perfectionist though and I will not move on to lesson 3 until I have lesson 2 down pat. 

 Your way of teaching has inspired me though, never have I practiced this much, when I was a child I played the Alto Saxophone and I practiced a lot, but not like this. I am currently practicing between 3 and 6 hours a day, except for yesterday, I had a very busy day and did not practice at all. That is o.k though, my fingers needed the break.

You mention fingers hurting....LOL...I have renamed my fingers. My ring finger is Ham, My middle finger is burger and my first finger is

Meat, and they live very unhappily on my fret board as Hamburger Meat. I can happily say though that after only 4 days of practicing, I am already starting to get callouses on my finger tips, so it won't be long and the pain will ease up!

 I have tried a lot of videos on youtube and dvd's and Tabs and books and nothing was working for me, until I came across your video on youtube for Classical Gas(which is one of my favorite acoustic pieces) and followed the link to your site.
That was over a year ago, but I had no guitar and did not want to purchase one just to give up again. I now know that part of my 2011 tax return will be spent to buy me a new acoustic guitar. (probably a Washburn Electric Acoustic) 
 I would eventually like to switch over to an Electric guitar and learn classic rock, but I have much to learn first. Again, I would like to thank you for what you do, and once I get past a few more lessons I will be buying the 21 video pack and a few loose ones. I can happily say I have no problem helping to support what you do!!!

Thanks Again,
Kevin Cobb
                                              Utah, USA
Hi Mike,

These are the best guitar instructions I have ever seen.

They are great for me because I know most chords but the right hand is what I can't figure out. Also the time count and voice placement with the chords were exactly what I needed. I wish this internet guitar lessons had been available 30 years ago when I first took up the guitar.

So many years wasted getting it wrong!
Request now for a couple of favorites by the Beatles.
There's a Place + And Your Bird Can Sing  and how about All of Dylan's Blood on the Tracks. PLEASE
Again the Beatles Videos were the best I have ever seen!
Alan Culver
Hi Mike, 
I downloaded your videos the other day and I love it. although I got to grips with the guitar part reasonably quickly I really struggled playing and singing at the same time.

I kept throwing myself out of time and tune all over the place. it really helped that you sang on your video and now I'm getting there slowly but surely.

I played the first verse and sang along today correctly for the first time. I have never been so chuffed.

I plan to play it and sing for my missus, she doesnt know I've been practicing so hopefuly it will be a nice suprise.

I'm really glad that there are new additions to your video library. I also like the info you give about them i.e difficulty level, electric or acoustic etc.
I havent been learning guitar the conventional way. i.e I havent spent any time learning and practicing chords.

Whenever I've tried to learn guitar before that way I've got bored and packed it in. I know that i'm definitely cutting off my nose to spite my face by not learning the basics but my point is that your videos are like a breath of fresh air in the stuffy old world of some guitar teachers.

I can actually play what looks to the untrained eye as quite a complicated piece.
Anyway, in a long waffly way I've been trying to say thankyou very much.

Keep the videos coming and I'll certainly be buying more in the future.
Kindest regards and thanks a million.
                                                Ali McCurrach